Web Design is Interesting

Web Design is Very Interesting

Web design is very interesting and full of things to learn. Let’s talk about content. If you’re going to design a web site, it’s not a good idea to begin without first knowing what is going to be the highlights and features of the site. You want to give the site the ability to present a two-way conversation between it and the visitors. Many designers think that content is just something you throw in after you design the site. Wrong.

The design should be created to fit the content, not the other way around. Your content is what’s going to be your chief communication with your visitors. So the design should be created in such a way that this communication flows freely and in the direction that gets the most out of their visit, and fulfills your goals as well. Your site should have a certain ‘feel’ to it that relates to your overall theme and purpose. This will determine your site’s effectiveness.

When utilizing your skills for web design, you need to understand how people, not designers, look at a web page. They are nearly always in a hurry and quite impatient. They’re like a school of fish in the water, they’ll bite on the first thing that looks promising and that produces quickly. They won’t read for long periods, and they want what they want as soon as they can get it.

Again, web design is very interesting as it utilizes some psychology along with it’s artistic and technical sides. You simply have to put yourself in your visitor’s shoes. Think of how people use the web, put some thought into it, and try to design your site in a fashion that covers all the basic needs that a visitor will have. It’s a good idea not to have too many hyperlinks on your site. People already don’t trust them. After all, if you click on one, you may end up anywhere with numerous pop-up ads and maybe a naked girl or two.

Another problem for web design is the fact of time lag that occurs between server and browser. Unfortunately there’s always going to be a certain amount of it. But the more of it you can cut down, the better it will go with your visitors. It’s amazing how quickly someone will leave your site if the pages load slowly. And this is regardless of whether or not you have what they’re looking for. This is where the use of CSS is a good thing. You need to make the most of your tables.

Font choice is another choice that needs to be made for good web design. Different machines use different fonts. PC fonts are different from Macintosh fonts. Verdana has been claimed as the most general font for a PC that’s running Windows. But font consideration figures into web design and needs your attention. Other considerations are color and support for your HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Flash. Yes, web design is very interesting, and there’s plenty to learn if you want to be good at it. But if can also be quite fun and rewarding. So dig in.

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