How to plan a project or an idea that we have in mind?

This is one of the activities that I like to do the most: planning – down to the smallest detail – of a project or an idea that came to my mind and I intend to do. And lately, it is increasingly replacing what was once my predominant developer role.

Why work on personal web design Whitby projects and above all why is it important to plan a project?

Why is it useful to work on personal projects?
It is very important for a freelance web designer to be able to work and carry out personal projects. This activity can serve both to improve one’s professional training, experimenting with new work methods that otherwise could not be applied in everyday work, and in the attempt to create something that over time can give it a form of direct or indirect gain.

There are many web designers ” I think ” (in the good sense of the term) and with a great desire to do, who increasingly try to carve out some free time between one job and another to carry on their personal projects.

The personal projects can be of any type, from the most simple and immediate to the more complex and articulated, ranging from the simple creation of their website/blog to the development of real web applications that can handle such a marketplace for sales of digital services and products.

What to do when the idea comes?
Come to your mind with a beautiful idea that could give you what you’ve always wanted: fame and prosperity for the rest of your life. You wonder why no one has ever thought of it and you are trembling with the desire to start the project before someone can care about the idea.

And so without thinking twice, after a few hours you are already there, all taken, that you throw down the first lines of code.

Why should we plan before we start?
How many times did you happen to start work on a project that you wanted to achieve and realize only after several months of hard work that, in fact, the project in question was not very feasible for what were the resources available?

I am not referring to failure due to the ineffectiveness or poor validity of the project in question, characteristics that should still be evaluated. What I mean is precisely the impossibility of completing the project because along the way you realized that it is something too big for you. Maybe there are different aspects (bureaucratic, fiscal, commercial, legal, technical, etc.) that you had not the slightest thought of and that you are not able to manage.

Do you have any idea how much time is unnecessarily wasted in a project that, if well planned, you would have understood was not feasible even before starting?

The feasibility of a project is one of the very first things to analyze when you want to realize an idea.

There are cases where it can go well, in which a project born almost as a game and without any kind of planning, spreads virally and maybe finds itself to be the first most used social network in the world, Facebook doc.

But these are more unique than rare cases, for one that is so another nine hundred and ninety-nine fail.

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